How To Style Marble Tiles in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

How To Style Marble Tiles in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

By Zoe Crook

Dec 15, 2022

How to Style Marble Tiles in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Marble has long been a symbol of tradition and elegance and is a great way of adding a luxurious touch to spaces throughout your home – particularly kitchens and bathrooms.
Our marble tiles are selected to provide a pared-back take on the classically opulent look, in colours that complement our cement collections.



How style the different shapes of marble tile

Our marble tile collections features a range of shapes and colours.



From small, lightly veined hexagonal marble tiles ideal for bathroom floors to larger marble hexagons perfect for a kitchen splashback, there are so many places where you can use hexagonal marble tiles within your home. For timeless sophistication that’s subtle and understated, opt for a white hexagonal tile with light veining and a soft, matte polished look. 



The classic tile shape, square marble offers style and practicality in equal measure. By creating a sense of continuity with their placement, these tiles are ideal for entryways and open spaces. They’re also the easiest shape of tile to lay.
Choose a large square marble tile to create the illusion of space in smaller rooms or go for a 20x20 square or intricate yet understated kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.




Herringbone marble tiles are perfect for those looking to get creative with their design project as they can be laid in a range of patterns including chevron, herringbone, and subway. Go for Fennel Green Herringbone Marble in rooms where foliage and botanicals are set to take centre stage, or choose a White Herringbone Marble to brighten up low-light bathrooms.



How to pair each marble colour with your planned interior:

From rose pinks to deep greens, dramatic blacks to matte whites, our marble tiles come in a range of colourways. Ideal for myriad interior styles and designs, pairing marble is all about matching its deep veining and distinct look with the rest of your room and its accessories. Here, we’ll share advice for what to pair with each of our marble colours. 


Rose Pink

Delicate and pretty, this marble colour adds depth to any light, pastel interior design. With hints of terracotta, neutral tones, and golds running all the way through the stone, you’ll uncover something new with every look. 
This soft and understated choice it’s perfect for spa-inspired wet rooms where relaxation is key. For other spaces, consider pairing with classic terracotta pots for an old-world summerhouse feel. Alternatively, you can maximise drama by contrasting against dynamic punches of black brassware.

Shop rose pink marble tiles.


Fennel Green

As mentioned, our Fennel Green marble works perfectly in rooms where botanicals are the driving style. With swirls of pistachio, fennel, and teal running right through the stone, this marble has a unique finish, evoking the feel of enchanted forests and woodland. 
Complement with our cement tiles in Brighton Stone for a neutral scheme, or pair with orange, terracotta, and copper tones for a colourful contrast.

Shop fennel green marble tiles.  




Minimal and simple, our White Honed Marble tiles are the epitome of pared-back luxury. With light veins running through the stone and a soft, matte finish, this colour marble helps create natural, laid-back spaces with depth. Team the stone’s beautiful natural features with worn woods and aged brassware for a modern take on a classic look.  

Shop our white tiles.



With a pure-white background and distinctive veins of lilac and violet, this marble is all about making a statement. With its strong, dramatic look, it’s perfect for creating striking kitchen and bathroom projects, particularly when paired with pure-white freestanding bathtubs or polished white kitchen cabinets.

Shop lilac tiles.



Black Marble is a beautiful choice for creating spaces packed with drama. With an inky backdrop lightly veined with contrasting white, it’s stunning paired with metallic detailing in bathrooms and kitchens or use with deep-toned wooden furniture and accessories for a softer scheme.

Shop black marble tiles.




Available in a range of shapes, styles, and colours, there’s a marble tile for every project. For more advice, check out our in-depth guide to Bert & May marble or shop the range now.

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