Inspiration For A Modern Bathroom Design

Inspiration For A Modern Bathroom Design

By Zoe Crook

Sep 27, 2022

Modern Bathroom Tiles Inspiration

Modern bathrooms will make your home feel luxurious and elegant. Whether you opt for classic neutrals or bold colour pops, be inspired by our range of unique, modern tiles. We love to see people's personalities in their homes, so don't be afraid to get creative and make something authentically yours. 



Inspiration for a Modern Bathroom Design

When designing a bathroom, you'll need to embrace style, materials, and the dimensions of the space alongside your own preferences. A modern approach is a great way to keep it simple yet classic, and we have plenty of ideas to help you design a timeless room. Let's go over what exactly a modern bathroom is and how you can achieve this look with our tiles.



Modern Bathroom Ideas

A modern bathroom design typically features clean lines and minimal embellishment.

We have collected some of our favourite modern bathroom designs to inspire your next project. From monochrome to bold colours, these design-led concepts featuring our bathroom tiles will elevate your home.



A Monochrome Modern Bathroom

A successful modern bathroom relies on simplicity, and a monochrome colour scheme can turn your bathroom into a truly impressive space. Using a striking colour palette like black and white means that you can take advantage of sharp lines and negative space, making the most of any bathroom, no matter the size. 

For a softer approach, our slightly grey-toned Brighton Stone tiles pair beautifully with our chalky Black Split Shift Tiles.


White and Bright Bathrooms

Flawlessly white interiors never go out of style. White bathrooms are a fantastic choice as white tiles can make a space feel much larger and luxurious, especially if you have natural lighting coming in.



Metro tiles are simple yet effective at bringing a space alive. Our White Metro Tile is an elegant choice for showers and feature walls as they can be laid in a subtle herringbone pattern. Use white grout when laying these to complete the seamless look. 

If you love this design, take a look at our full White Tiles collection. The colour palette may be minimal but there are still lots of unique and creative options for your bathroom. 


Modern Bathrooms with Marble

Marble is hugely versatile and comes in a range of colourways. For something timeless and opulent, it doesn’t get better than a marble bathroom.



One of our favourite ways to style a bathroom with marble is to use our Lilac Veined Honed Marble tiles. The veins in marble mean that every tile is truly unique. From soft lilac to deep violet, these tiles give a subtle pop of colour that is perfect for floors, walls, and splashbacks.



For a dramatic option, go for our Black Veined Honed Marble tiles. These inky black tiles are threaded with delicate white for a subtle yet impactful appearance. If you’re after a modern bathroom, black is a bold option that you shouldn't feel intimidated by. Pair with white or gold finishes to complete the look.


Bold Colours for a Modern Bathroom

At Bert & May, we love colour and have tiles to suit all kinds of palettes and moods.


A blue palette is a staple choice in the bathroom but that doesn't mean overdone. A unique approach can be found using our Blue Vigo, which are hand-poured in Spain, giving beautiful colour variation to each tile. These can bring bright, Mediterranean feel to your home while keeping the look modern and fresh. Take a look at our full range of Blue Tiles to get inspired by the calming tones.



Green in a bathroom space brings your design closer to nature. With many shades of green to choose from, you can tailor the look and feel of your space. 

For a darker, luxurious feel, our Little Greene Livid glazed tiles really set the tone. This rich yet soothing colour really evokes a feeling calm in your bathroom. Or try brightening the room with our Green Santona. This soft, pastel green is a gorgeous complementary colour for neutral tones such as white or cream, which will make a room feel bright and playful. 



Order your tile samples today to see which colours sing in your bathroom. We offer free delivery on up to four samples, so you can try all the designs that catch your eye!

Still unsure? Get in touch about a free design consultation with one of our experts.

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