The Best Tiles for Modern Kitchens
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The Best Tiles for Modern Kitchens

By Victoria Smith

Jul 27, 2022

Explore a choice of tiles for a modern kitchen

From pared-back plain coloured squares to attention-grabbing geometric patterns, modern kitchen tiles can help you create the ultimate contemporary space. The key to getting it right is identifying the kitchen tile design you want and building the rest of your space around it. Not only will this keep things simple, but it will also make for a room that’s harmonious. If you’re not sure where to start, here are the tiles that suit modern kitchen design down to the ground… 

Modern colours and designs

Successful modern kitchen design relies on simplicity. If you have the confidence to keep things pared back, you’ll achieve the contemporary look you’re after. This means settling on a straightforward colour palette and keeping pattern to a minimum. Block colours and geometric shapes are in, unnecessary embellishment is out. If you’re unsure about which contemporary colour scheme or modern kitchen tile design is best for your space, book a Design Consultation where you can discuss luxury modern kitchen ideas and workshop the shades and tones that will work with one of our experts.


Type of tiles for a modern kitchen

Whether plain or patterned, glazed or matt, contemporary kitchen tiles come in a variety of styles


Plain Tiles

Using a continuous colour throughout your space will help you create a clean, modern kitchen design. Look to lighter shades for a space that’s fresh, bright, and liveable, in either classic squares, or herringbones or hexagons (if you’re sticking to one colour, you can afford to experiment with shape without making everything look too busy).

Our Limestone Herringbones make great modern kitchen tiles - they’re a perfectly pitched shade of grey that suits a contemporary theme perfectly, while their long, slim form means you can lay them in a variety of ways, from classic side-by-side to a zig-zag arrangement.  

With their warm, pale-yellow tones and unusual shape, our Brighton Stone Hexagonal tiles are another smart choice for a simple modern kitchen design, providing a fun alternative to more traditional squares in a way that’s still distinctly contemporary.


Patterned Tiles

Contemporary patterned tiles are an easy way to create modern-style kitchens with real wow factor. Keep the palette simple - monochrome, greys, or, at a push, bolder blues paired with white - and the designs geometric and fuss-free. 

Our Split Shift tiles are as contemporary as it gets, with block shapes that combine to create attention-grabbing patterns on splashbacks, walls and floors. You can go all-out with this design or use it sporadically for a hit of pattern wherever you want it. 

Our Black Vigo is another strong choice for contemporary spaces, with bold lines that reveal striking diamonds when laid side by side, while our Black Alalpardo is a forever favourite with those seeking a versatile design with simple lines and an assertive look. For a softer take, our Pearl Alalpardo - which swaps out the black for a chalky, warm neutral that’s still fresh and modern - is a good choice, as is our Hexagonal Split in Pearl and Brighton Stone, which uses the scantest flash of colour to create a sleek, contemporary finish.


Glazed Tiles

Thanks to their glossy finishes and light-reflecting qualities, glazed tiles have long been a kitchen classic, but that doesn't mean they don’t look at home in modern kitchen designs too.

Again, fresh, lighter colours are a natural fit here. Our Classic Fennel Stubby Glazed tiles are a strong go-to, offering a splash of colour that’s soft enough to work as a neutral, but for those wanting to go super-contemporary, our Skinny White Metro tiles are the ultimate choice. Use these super-slim rectangles side by side to create a design-led look that’s incredibly modern but not in any way stark thanks to the tiles’ gently undulating glazed surface.


Marble Tiles

While it’s usually associated with opulent interiors, marble also looks perfectly at home in contemporary spaces. Go for either Black, White or Lilac to keep the look as pared-back as possible, and make sure the marble is the focal-point of your modern kitchen - too many extras and that contemporary aesthetic will be compromised. (See our installation guide for everything you need to know about installing marble in your kitchen).


If you would like to discuss your modern kitchen design, book in for a Design Consultation with one of our experts who can guide you through the best contemporary choices for your space. For more kitchen inspiration, see our Kitchen Gallery.

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