Herringbone Tiles


Herringbone Tiles

Our herringbone collection offers a classic pattern with a contemporary twist. It can be used to create short, parallel patterns such as simple stripes or zigzags, classic stacked arrangements, or a traditional herringbone layout on both floors and walls. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces, we offer a range of beautiful colours from our palette. From grey herringbone tiles to white herringbone tiles, shop the collection today.

Introducing our herringbone tiles

Our collection of herringbone tiles are naturally pigmented and hand-poured in southern Spain combining classic tile-making methods, materials, and formats. They pose a timeless elegance with their iconic V-shaped chevron pattern and evoke a sense of movement and fluidity.

The herringbone pattern has a rich history, its origins can be traced back to ancient Rome, where it was used to embellish the floors of grand buildings and roads. Today, it's still a true masterpiece of design. With rectangle, herringbone, and metro tile shapes, the interlocking laying design creates a visually intriguing texture, adding depth and dimension to any surface they adorn. The versatile nature of this pattern truly complements an array of designs, from rustic and traditional to sleek and modern. And, their unique character will imbue any space with a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Designing a space with herringbone tile patterns

Herringbone tiles have a way of visually expanding space through their striking geometric pattern. The elongated lines of the V-shaped design draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of height. And, the interlocking pattern adds movement and flow, making the room appear more spacious and dynamic.

So, where can you lay them? Our herringbone collection of cement and marble are suitable for use on any surface, meaning you can use them as floor tiles and wall tiles. Whereas our glazed tiles are only suitable for walls and cannot be used on floors. The herringbone tile works well in any room in the home but is a particularly popular choice for kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Because of the beautiful artistic pattern, they truly add a wow factor to a space.

Herringbone tile sizes and dimensions:

Cement Herringbone
Size: 7cm x 20cm x 1.8cm | Tiles per m2: 72

Skinny Metro
5cm x 25cm x 0.8cm | Tiles per sqm: 80

Rectangle Size: 8cm x 20cm x 1.2cm | Tiles per sqm: 63

Stubby Size:
7.5cm x 15cm x 0.9cm | Tiles per sqm: 89 

Herringbone: Size:
20 x 7.5 x 1 cm | Tiles per sqm: 67

Discover more tile shapes

Our herringbone tiles look fantastic when paired with our square tiles. Use them to create a border around our patterned floor tiles or team glazed herringbones on the wall with soft and chalky cement squares and on the floor for a beautiful texture-packed scheme.

Before purchase, we advise ordering a sample as colours and finishes may appear
differently in real-life lighting.

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