Terrazzo Guide

Terrazzo Guide


This document is designed as a guidance note for certified trade professionals.  Please note that it is essential to wear suitable protective eyewear and clothing when cutting or drying tiles.

Quick Guide

  1. Install using 2mm or 3mm spacers - avoid allowing adhesive to touch the surface of the tile and keep them clean
  2. After adhesive has set (24 hours), clean using clean water and a sponge, once again allow to dry.
  3. Apply 1-2 coats of FILAPRW200 using a flat paint brush or a fleece pad allowing drying time of 2-3 hours between coats. Leave 24 hours before grouting.
  4. Once each coat of FILAPRW200 is nearly dry, wipe the surface of the tiles with a clean cloth to remove any excess. This is important to stop the tiles looking mottled
  5. Allow to dry for 2-3 hours and test the seal by dropping a little water onto the surface. If the water forms a bead, then they are sufficiently sealed to be grouted.
  6. Grout using a point grout method. Allow the grout to set and then clean off with FILAPS87 Professional degreasing cleaning agent. Clean another 1 to 2 times with clean water. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
  7. Apply a final seal of MP90ECO XTREME Extreme water and oil repellent Eco-compatible protection. We recommend 2 coats with a 20 minute interval in between.
  8. Depending on chosen finish you can use FILAMATT Natural – Effect protective wax, this should not be used in bathroom settings.


We recommend that either a diamond cutter or an angle grinder is used to cut Terrazzo tiles. Whilst cutting or drilling tiles, the surface of the tile may become wet and/or dirty. Wipe the tile clean immediately after cutting.


Bert & May recommends that the tiles are the last material to be installed during a building project. The top layer of Terrazzo tiles is very delicate and should be handled with care. Please handle tiles in pairs facing each other, to protect the design. Should you need to smooth the edge of your tiles before installation, please use an 180 – 200 grit sanding pad. Clean the back of the tiles by submerging them briefly in water (in pairs facing each other), this will remove any dust gathered on the tiles and improve adherence. Before installing Terrazzo tiles, the floor must be clean, free from dust and moisture. Please ensure new floor screeds are dry.


Apply adhesive to the floor using a notched trowel, working in small areas in parallel lines, spread only enough adhesive that remains workable. Then, apply the adhesive in the same method to the back of the tile. We recommend using grout spacers with minimum 1mm between tiles, although the tiles can be butt jointed if required.  However, if the tiles are being installed outside, we would recommend a minimum spacing of 2mm between tiles. Ensure the tiles are level by using a spirit level and do not step on the tiles for a least 6hrs (if using rapid set adhesive) or preferably overnight.

After this, all moisture must be released from the body and surface of the tile prior to sealing. The longer you can leave the tiles, the greater assurance you have that they have dried out, that the adhesive liquid has evaporated out through them and they are acclimatized to your home. Please remember to protect your tiles from liquids and heavy foot traffic.

It is important to seal before grouting. Ensure your tiles are clean and dust free before moving on to the next step. Should you need to wash the tiles, use PH neutral soap and water or PH neutral floor cleaner. Should you need to remove any building residues from the tiles, we recommend using FILAPS87, which should be diluted with water as per the instructions on the bottle.

Ensure the tiles are dried and impregnate with Pre grout sealer PRW200, according to the instructions on the bottle x 1-2 coats. The first coat should be applied using very little sealant at a time but really working it into the surface of the tile using a clean dry paintbrush or foam roller. This prevents streaks being left on the surface of the tile once the coat is dry. Apply a second coat 2-3 hours after first application. Once finished, leave the tiles to cure for at least 24 hours.


Remember to seal before grouting. We recommend using light coloured grout on light coloured tiles. Ensure the surface of the tiles are free from dust and adhesive before you begin the grouting process. We recommend point grouting as spread grouting is likely to soak into the tiles. Sponge the area to be grouted with clean water before applying the grout, working in small areas. Replace the water when needed, it is essential that the water and sponge is always clean. The tiles should be kept clean throughout the process. Allow the grout to dry and any residue and excess can be removed with Fila PS87PRO,

For walls: Dilute in water (1:5) and apply on the surface with a cloth. Leave to act for 4-5 minutes before brushing with a large brush or an abrasive sponge. Use a cloth or “aqua vac” to remove residues and then rinse thoroughly.

For floors: Dilute in water (1:5) and apply on the surface. Leave to act for 4-5 minutes before brushing with a single-disc professional cleaner or large brush. Use a cloth or “aqua vac” to remove residues and then rinse thoroughly. 


There should be a final seal of Fila MP90 ECO XTREME applied once the grout has dried to complete the process. Start by ensuring the tiles are clean and dried. Apply MP90 ECO XTREME evenly, using a paintbrush or fleece pad, also soaking the joints well. We would recommend two coats with a 20 minute interval. Any excess sealant must be absorbed off the surface using a clean cloth.

The tiles can be walked on after 4 hours and fully cured in 24 hours. An easy test to see if the floor is fully dry after sealing is to place a few drops of water on the tiles, if it forms a bead then it has worked, if the tiles absorb the water then the sealing process needs to be repeated.

If you choose to add a satin finish to your tiles, you can use FILAMATT Natural – Effect protective wax, this should not be used in bathroom settings. Please note –FILAMATT Natural should not be used in a bathroom environment.

Bert & May recommend professional advice is sought from a certified trade professional.

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