Case Study: Dee Campling
Case Study

Case Study: Dee Campling

By Victoria Smith

Jun 7, 2022

Sourcing antique tiles and cleaning them up for resale is a real labour of love, but it’s a process we’ll never get bored of. We regularly travel to Spain to look for rare and reclaimed pieces to bring back, and when we do, it’s just the beginning of their next chapter.

Seeing where these items end up is where the real thrill lies for us, and from kitchen walls in California to splashbacks in Scotland, they’ve been used in some incredibly beautiful spaces all over the world.

Of all the projects we’ve seen, one of our absolute favourites is interior stylist Dee Campling’s outdoor kitchen in Cheshire, which features a set of gorgeous reclaimed patterned tiles in soft, faded tones. Despite being thousands of miles away from their original Spanish home, they really couldn't look more perfect in their new surroundings, and we absolutely love to see it.

Here, Dee tells us why she loves reclaimed and antique designs, and lifts the lid on her latest project too…

Name: Dee Campling

Occupation: Interior stylist, design consultant and influencer

How did you start working in interiors? Has it always been a passion?

I’ve worked in interiors full time for six years. It has always been a passion and I studied it whilst my children were small. Once they were older, I was able to leave my job and pursue interior design full time.

How would you describe your interior style?

My style is inspired by the character and soul of vintage pieces and the clean lines of Scandinavian design. I think that characterful vintage placed against a clean, neutral backdrop stops vintage from looking frumpy and helps prevent Scandinavian design from looking sterile.

Your home is beautiful - can you tell us a bit more about it?

My house is a Victorian semi in Cheltenham. We totally overhauled the house when we moved in as it had last been done (badly) in the 1980s and was a shrine to dado rails, yellow pine and woodchip wallpaper! We extended it sideways ten years ago and things are ever evolving. 

What’s your favourite part of the home?

My favourite part of our home is the kitchen/breakfast room. It’s the hub of the house and designed for socialising. We’ve recently had a bifold window installed to connect the indoors with the outdoors and create extra width at the back of the house.

You’ve used our reclaimed tiles in your outdoor kitchen - why were they a great fit?

I absolutely love vintage, and I also adore French interior style. I love how tiles are used everywhere on the continent - not just kitchens and bathrooms but outdoor spaces, walls and even bedrooms. Although my outdoor space is inspired by nature - lots of greenery and wood textures - the classic pattern and muted colour of the tiles lend themselves to the natural look. I think it’s because they’re handmade and vintage - they don’t fight with the natural textures of the outdoor space. They also really help to define the area of the outdoor space that is the kitchen.

What first led you to use Bert & May/what do you like about us?

I first discovered Bert & May in 2016 and was drawn to your combination of bold patterns on raw textures. Handmade, authentic, and completely different from anything else on the tile market at the time. Bert & May made tiles cool.

Can you tell us about the bathroom project you’re currently working on?

I’m working on a bathroom project for a client in Cheltenham. The house is Victorian with lots of character though it has lost some of its original features. I felt that Antique Collection Bert & May tiles would lend themselves well as they also have a history and, even though they’re not from the same era as the property, the colours, patterns and textures work. They lend a dash of continental style, I think.

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