Case Study: Sophia Ferrari-Wills
Case Study

Case Study: Sophia Ferrari-Wills

By Marketing Bert & May

Aug 23, 2023

Full name: Sophia Ferrari-Wills

Occupation: Content Creator

Style and location of your property:

A 1960s cottage in Cambridgeshire. 

Who lives there: Me, my husband, Chris, and two daughters, Clemmie and Minnie. 

How would you describe your interior design style?

In one word, happy! I’d describe the overall look as pastel maximalism with floral features. Everything is maximalist in feel, and I often include real flowers to soften the harder edges of the house.

My style definitely has a feminine influence, and includes lots of pink. It’s basically a running theme throughout the house and makes it feel homely and welcoming. 

Your home is bursting with colour – can you outline your signature go-to palette or does anything go? 

My signature colour is pink. It’s a warm neutral that flows through our home and ties the rooms together.

Where did your passion for colour come from?

From the get-go! I remember discussing my favourite colour and could never pick. Pink was top of the list, with lilac close second. I’ve always been drawn to pastels and bold colours, and was always redoing my room. I had a lilac and green room filled with florals, inspired by television shows I liked at the time (including Clarissa Explains it All).

What’s your advice to people who want to embrace a colour but don’t know where to start? 

Never be afraid to sample. One of the hardest things with decorating is being scared to put the paintbrush to the wall, but paint can always be painted over and wallpapers can be removed. I was scared of doing a rainbow in my daughter’s room but used samples of paint on the wall with a small roller and she loved it. 

Colour can also be in the details. I love white walls with a strong, accented sofa like a bright pink Chesterfield. I also love a colourful ceiling. 

Tell us about your recent shower room project…

I was thinking of a checkerboard floor so I started putting some samples together. I realised I loved the Bert & May Roses tiles, so decided to do checkerboard on the walls instead and use Roses on the floor - I loved the matt finish in contrast to the glossy wall tiles. I picked pink and white for a cool colour pairing and kept it light because it was a small bathroom with one window.

What were your main sources of inspiration for the project?

Bathrooms are tricky to design and it’s hard to envisage the result without a 3D image. I wanted to make it fun as well as a retreat. A space that would be girly, feminine, retro, fun and happy. I took inspiration from Wes Anderson, 1960s/70s homes, Pink Panther films and Austin Powers. The pink sink and toilet from Burlington bathrooms adds a retro feel. 

Which Bert & May products did you use?

We used the White Glazed Square tile, Blush Glazed Square tile and Roses tile.

Why did you choose them?

The first Bert & May product I saw was the Soho House tile, and I loved the colours. I went online and appreciated all the tiles for different reasons so kept them saved as inspiration. Checkerboard popped up again as inspiration on my Instagram feed and I knew I’d love to do one myself using pinks. 

What do you think the tiles add to the space?

Character and fun! I love the glossy surface and how it looks with the grout. The unevenness of the tiles gives a textured finish and light bounces around the room from it in different ways. 

What do you like about Bert & May?

I’m really impressed with the quality of the tiles and wouldn’t have chosen another brand. You get quirks, imperfections and character from the fact the tiles are made by hand, and that handmade finish makes the bathroom feel bespoke. 

Pulling the colours and designs together to make a bespoke palette has made the space feel really unique. I also love that the tiles are so versatile and there’s a vast selection - you’re spoilt for choice.

Where are your go-to spots for amazing interior finds? 

I’m inspired by Anthropologie’s earthy, homely yet retro style, and I also like the quirky and fun nature of Urban Outfitters. 

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