Case Study: Studio PIM / Javá Bar
Case Study

Case Study: Studio PIM / Javá Bar

By Victoria Smith

Aug 18, 2021

Our tiles have been known to end up in some spectacular locations, and Javá Bar in Lisbon is certainly one of those. This sleek, stylish and sun-drenched spot looks out over the Portuguese capital from an elevated harbourside position - the views are undeniably gorgeous, but the venue itself more than lives up to its surroundings thanks to interior design practice Studio Pim’s stunning scheme that’s both relaxed and packed with personality. Here, Studio Pim founder Perrine Velge tells us about the project, and why Bert & May tiles were such a great fit for the bar’s facade…

Full Name: Perrine Velge

Occupation: Founder of Studio Pim

What was the brief for this project? 

The design intent came from the owners, Pierre d’Andrimont and Margaux Marcy, and their concept for the site - a relaxed restaurant attuned to a nomadic and cultured clientele. They wanted it to be stylish yet easy going, a place to enjoy a changing seasonal menu in the spacious restaurant, or street food from the outdoor hatch.

With views down to the iconic Ribeiro Market and across the Tagus River, the wraparound terrace was always conceived as a more laidback space than the interior and the perfect backdrop for a sunset cocktail. Rather than being defined by a rigid concept, the schemes for the interiors unfolded organically in a spirit of free-flowing collaboration. The end result was a design with a playful sense of comfort. 

Which Bert & May products did you use and why?

We used the Milk Herringbone tiles.

What do they add to the space? 

We used them on the facade to create a neutral background for an explosion of colours behind. We laid them vertically and in line, making for a rather rigid layout which we balanced with unruly cactus in front. I believe it’s this striking tension between the rigid and the unruly that allows the tiles to really come to life. You read their materiality so much more because of the contrast. 

What led you to use Bert & May?

We were on the lookout for matt concrete tiles, and Bert & May was an obvious choice.  

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Photographs: Couplet Photography,

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