Meet the Designer: Tricia Guild
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Meet the Designer: Tricia Guild

By Megan Scott

Jun 9, 2023

Tricia Guild needs no introduction. Awarded an OBE for services to interior design, the founder of Designers Guild’s influence on how we dress and decorate our homes cannot be underestimated. When we spotted that she’d used our tiles in a recent interior design project, we just had to get in touch to ask her about it…

The brief you were given for this project was to create ‘a contemporary space with soul and colour’. How did you achieve this?

This is really what we do at Designers Guild – our interiors are contemporary, although not exclusively so and of course we are well known for our use of colour, although not only strong, bright colour. I suppose you could say it’s our signature and using our fabrics, wallpapers, paints and furniture is a really good start in achieving this look.

We always mix in a bit of vintage and I think, because all our fabrics and wallpapers are designed in our studio, that creativity and artistry naturally lends a space that spirit and feeling so it feels alive rather than flat.

Which Bert & May products did you include and where? 

We used Green Alalpardo and Fennel Dark Bejmat in the kitchen downstairs and Blush Square in the master bedroom and Blue Alalpardo in the guest bedroom.

Why did you choose these products for the project? 

They were a great fit – beautiful, soulful colours with practical functionality.

What do they add to the overall look and feel?

They worked beautifully in the scheme, creating a natural flow between the industrial past and the domestic present. They were a useful tool in creating that sense of flow and of course the colours and textures are beautiful, too.

What led you to use Bert & May?

We love what you do!

Designers Guild has been based on the King’s Road for 50 years. What is it about the area that’s such a draw? Do you have any local go-to spots?

We are part of the fabric of the King’s Road and throughout all its incarnations and changes, it remains one of the best shopping streets in London – especially for interiors. We love our friends at William Yeoward at 270 King’s Road and the newly redone Cadogan Arms, 28-50 and Bluebird are good spots for drinks and a bite to eat. And of course, it’s lovely that we are not too far away from Bert & May too!

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to embrace a bolder colour palette in their home?

Using the colours you love is the most rewarding part of decorating and there are no rules really. I think if you are nervous of bold colour, start with a cushion or a throw/rug – something that is easy and moveable so you can assess how you feel about it. I always use white or a good neutral when I work with strong colour and prefer not to overdo too many shades in one room.

Mixing colour and pattern can be an intimidating prospect for the uninitiated. Do you have any advice for those who want to add both to a space but simply don’t know where to start?

Make a moodboard – we do it all day, every day with schemes and for most creative projects. Collect samples of the paints and fabrics, papers and furniture you would like to use and arrange them in approximate scale on a large card… If they work at that scale, then they will work in your room. Do try to consider lighting etc though as that can have a bearing.

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