New Launch: Carmona joins our Antique Collection

New Launch: Carmona joins our Antique Collection

By Victoria Smith

Apr 13, 2022

Our newest tile is actually quite old. Confused? Allow us to explain…

The Carmona is the latest addition to our Antique Collection, a series of special designs based on some of our favourite reclaimed finds.

We launched this collection after becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the nature of the reclamation process meant we weren’t always able to provide our clients with exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it. The only option was to recreate the intricate patterns, muted colours, and faded magic of reclaimed finds ourselves, and so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our artisans start by creating metal moulds based on the original designs, before mixing and pouring colours in a way that ensures slight variation. The results are as faithful to the originals as it’s possible to be and have allowed us to provide the reclaimed look on demand.

The tiles we choose to recreate are the ones that have really stood out as something extra special - essentially, those we deem too good to let go. This could be down to a uniqueness in the motif, unusual formations, or just a certain something we know our customers will love…

And that’s what brings us to the Carmona. With its soft, delicate pattern, we knew we wanted to add this lovely tile to the Antique Collection as soon as we saw it. It’s a design that fits perfectly into the current trend for traditional-leaning interiors; a nod to times gone by, opulence and deep colours, and ideal for anyone who wants to create an unstructured layered look with tons of texture.

We’re remade the Carmona in two colourways  –  Carmona Marron, a sultry combination of weathered leather tones and worn rich chocolate browns, and Carmona Verde, a brighter option featuring a beautifully soft green and vibrant orange – to provide contrasting takes on the original look.

Ruth Webber, Creative Director, says...

"There was something about the original tile that I just loved. It was the really soft leather tones, the faded patina with the soft flowing lines that felt oddly romantic. I thought it would be beautiful edit to the B&M antiques collection.  It genuinely demonstrates how the reclaimed finds have over time influenced and inspired our palette.

Whilst I love both colour ways the Carmona Marron is my new love!"

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