Need To Know: Modernist

Need To Know: Modernist

By Megan Scott

Feb 4, 2021


Plain, simple, and style‑led, our Modernist Collection is inspired by the linear forms seen in modernist 20th century architecture. In many ways, the designs are an exercise in restraint ‑ colourways are largely neutral and the lines minimalist and simple, but the overall effect couldn’t be more impactful. These tiles are intended to not just look fantastic, but make you think, too. If you’re keen to find out more, here’s what you need to know…


1. You'll be in good company

The designs in our Modernist Collection take their cue from some of the finest 20th‑century architecture in the world, including the Barbican Centre in London. Its powerful, graphic lines, moody colour palette and unapologetic nature are instantly recognisable, and we’re endlessly inspired by its iconic design.

Image Barbican Centre

2. You can add a personal touch

The designs in our Modernist Collection offer endless opportunity for creativity when it comes to configuration, and we actively encourage clients to play around with placement. The Wave tile (seen here at London Craft Week) has been brought back to the range and offers so much scope for personalisation ‑ you can arrange them in a way that’s truly yours. Samples available now.

 Image London Craft Week

3. Serious style statements only

The inky black colour of our Grid Line tile is broken only by a single white line, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity ‑ this is a design that will bring depth and intrigue to any space. Line them up or keep it random, however you choose to configure this design, the impact will be immediate. 


4. It's a no-nonsense look

The design of these Linear tiles is fuss free and super simple, creating a look that’s straight‑to‑the point and striking. Neat black lines against a stark white background make for a paired‑back pattern that stands out without shouting about it. A grown‑up design that truly embraces minimalism.


5. It's hip to be square

We’ve designed the tiles in our Modernist Collection to be paired together, and these monochrome squares are a match made in heaven. Whether you go full grid with the black on white or choose to mix with the inverse design or even plain black with a white border, these simple squares are endlessly flexible while remaining uniform.


6. It'll make you think

The Inverse Pearl Rubix tile is another reignited design that we have added to our Modernist Collection, and we love how the design plays on the negative and positive shapes and spaces. We could stare at this tile in its various formations for hours and still be intrigued, and that’s true of the entire collection ‑ it will never, ever get boring.

7. Too much is never enough

The subtle nature and neutral colourways of our Modernist Collection tiles mean you can deck out an entire space with one style and it’ll never overwhelm it. Interior designer Kate Stewart covered both the walls and the floor of this shower room in these pale grey and cream tiles but the design’s gentle curves keep the look subtle and understated. More on this new addition to the collection coming to our website soon…

Feeling Inspired?
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