Need To Know: Reclaimed Tiles

Need To Know: Reclaimed Tiles

By Megan Scott

Jan 27, 2021


As you’re probably aware, reclaimed tiles have always been at the heart of everything we do and continue to inspire us every day. We don’t just love the way they look; we’re also fascinated by the stories they tell ‑ time and environment leave their mark, making every single one unique and a product of its surroundings in the truest sense. If you’re thinking about choosing reclaimed, here’s what you need to know…


1. They’re perfect for making a statement

The colours, patterns and patina of our reclaimed tiles make an impact without shouting about it. The tiles that Cathy Emmins used on this kitchen island are a stellar example - their gentle swirls and natural tones draw the eye while fitting seamlessly into their striking converted warehouse surroundings.

Image Cathy Emmins

2. They’ll make you feel at home

That lived-in look isn’t just pleasing on the eye - the faded beauty of reclaimed tiles adds a homely feel too. Each tile has been weathered and softened by the elements, resulting in muted colours and a gentle aesthetic - we love how Dee Campling has turned this set into an effortless focal point in her home.

 Image Dee Campling

3. They’re endlessly versatile

You can use reclaimed tiles in almost any space you like, in any kind of building - this stripy lot was actually installed in the kitchen of a castle. The style-savvy team at luxury B&B at Kilmartin Castle chose the tiles to complete their ‘city-folk-move-to-the-country’ aesthetic, and we think they fit right in. 

 Image Kilmartin Castle

4. Every tile tells a story

Kirsten Blazek used reclaimed tiles in this ranch-style property in California, and the results speak for themselves... It’s not just about the way these tiles look, however - it’s the air of mystery they come with that makes them truly special: “I love thinking about where they lived before and the fact they have history,” says Kirsten.

 Image A1000xbetter

5. They’re real one-offs

Our reclaimed collections are limited edition in every sense - once they’re gone, they truly are gone, so it’s always wise to be ready to buy when you start looking. This beautiful set was a unique find and used to stunning effect in a bathroom at the remarkably stylish Landscape Lodge in the French Alps.

 Image Landscape Lodge

6. You won’t ever look back

Once you’ve fallen for the charms of reclaimed, it’s hard to break the habit. As we’ve said, it’s not just the way they look, it's the stories they tell and the satisfaction that nobody else will ever be able to get the same ones... Check out our flat lays for more inspiration and to see how our contemporary collections can complement reclaimed finds.

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