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Metro Tiles

Metro tiles draw their inspiration from the classic London Underground tiles and have an ageless charm. They lend a modern touch to any area, including bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Their brick-like appearance comes in many of the Bert & May unique colours, so you can choose to create a bold statement with brighter tones or opt for a more understated look with our neutrals.

Introducing Metro Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Metro brick tiles have a timeless appeal; they have been around for over a century and offer a classic look that fits well with both traditional and modern design kitchens and bathrooms. Let us inspire you…

Metro Bathroom Tiles

You can bring new life to your space with metro bathroom tiles. These subway-inspired tiles create amazing feature walls, showers, and bathroom designs. They celebrate all the beautiful colours from our curated palette, from soft whites to warmer
browns and blues. All of which can be laid in a variety of creative patterns, including herringbone, basketweave, and brick bond.

Go classic with Little Greene Skinny Metro in a brick-effect arrangement or create a contemporary look with our Skinny White Metro tiles in a vertical pattern.

The kitchen and bathroom are both spaces that require durability and regular cleaning, and metro tiles offer long-lasting quality and are easy to clean. They are handmade using a combination of traditional tile-making methods and materials including marble, cement, terracotta, and glossy glazed finishes. Once sealed, they are water-resistant, which means they can withstand moisture and dampness, making them ideal for use in areas that are prone to water splashes and spills.

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Modern Metro Brick Tiles for Floor and Walls

Because of the versatility, strength, and practicality of metro brick tiles, you can really use them throughout your home on both walls and floors, with a few exceptions. Ensure to check each product description to discover the installation suitability of each tile. As cement metro tiles can be used on both floors and walls, however, anything glazed is only recommended for walls. Here are all the wonderful benefits of this collection:

Iconic design


Easy to clean and maintain


The Metro Subway Tile Colour Palette

Let us tell you about our colour range and what tones they pair beautifully with:

Blue metro tiles: Evoke a calming and serene atmosphere and complement shades of white, grey, and beige.

Green metro tiles: Bring a fresh and natural vibe to any space, and pair perfectly with warm wood tones and neutral colours.

Grey metro tiles: Provide a sleek and modern look with similar tones of grey, white, and blue.

White metro tiles: Reflect light and creates an airy and spacious feel and match any decor style.

Pink metro tiles: Add a pop of colour and femininity to a space and can be paired with neutral shades for a subtle effect or with bold blues and greens for a playful look.

Yellow metro tiles: Invent warmth and vibrancy, and pair well with green and blue shades for nature-inspired décor.

Brown metro tiles: Bring a natural and earthy vibe to a room, and works with white, beige, and cream for a clean and fresh look.

Beige metro tiles: Create a calm and relaxing ambience and complement pared-back shades of brown and green.

Black metro tiles: Give a dramatic and edgy look, and pair with metallic accents for a contemporary design.

Orange metro tiles: Add a playful and energetic touch to a space and harmoniously work with white, grey, and brown.

If it’s that minimalist, clean aesthetic you're trying to achieve – take a look at our neutral tiles and white tiles

Need more inspiration? Read tile ideas for a modern home. And, make sure you order some samples, to get the feel for each tile in your home.

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