The Antique Collection

If like us you love the finish and colours found in antique tiles, you will love the Antique Collection. We are lucky enough to work with the best artisan maker in our business to recreate some of our very favourite antique tile finds. Using traditional manufacturing techniques and materials, Jaunma and his team specialise in remaking tiles to ensure the soft patina and colours reflect those found in the original tiles.

The Antique Collection Story

At Bert & May, we have a natural talent for spotting beautiful reclaimed tiles, an area we pride ourselves in since starting the company in 2013. Reclaimed finds are naturally limited edition, but our Antique Collection brings our very favourite finds into our catalogue. 

Traditional designs and Artisan skills

Our artisan maker, Juanma, uses traditional manufacturing techniques and materials to bring traditional designs back to life. Using intricate handmade moulds and natural pigments, the process is highly specialised and skilful. The resulting tiles reflect the aged patina and subtle tones of our antique finds, with all the warmth they naturally bring. 

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