Artist Residence

Artist Residence has used our distressed mill board cladding to create a cosy cabin feel to their exposed ceilings. This beautiful cladding is the perfect balance of paint and exposed timber. These boards were found in an old mill, you can see the layers of paint that have built up and worn away over time. The effect has been enhanced by brushing off loose flakes of paint allowing life back into the exposed timber and leaving behind the remnants of distressed paint. 


Recommended Products

Distressed Barn Cladding
£81.25 per sqm

A dark, relaxing wood we found in a rundown barn that gives off a Scandinavian design. We love this material, as it gives your home a warm look.

Alalpardo Reclaimed Tile
£150 per qm

A designer favourite. The endless tessellations in the Reclaimed Alalpardo tile makes it a timeless design that allows you to create a truly unique space.

Distressed Mill Board
£56.44 per sqm

This beautiful wall boarding is the perfect balance of paint and exposed timber. These boards are brushed taking off loose flakes of paint whilst bringing to life the the exposed timber and remaining distressed paint.

Black Alalpardo Tile
£99 per sqm

In elegant monochrome, the Alalpardo tile is perfect for creating a classic black and white checkered floor, or you can experiment with contemporary asymmetric patterns.

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