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Need some inspiration? Go for our Designer's Edit with chalky natural pigment pinks

Meet virtually with our interior designers to chat about your plans and get some inspiration. Ellie, Nel, Sam and Tom are on hand to help you create your perfect interior. We will garner your ideas and help you put together a scheme using our products based on what you are hoping to achieve. You can send your plans and mood board or, if you don’t know where to start, let's start chatting and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Love the alalapardo? There are so many options with our designs,the alalpardo is a designers favourite.  At first glance this tile may appear simple but in reality is anything but. The endless tessellations of this design ensure that you can create a truly unique space. An elegant tile that can be used to form an entirely symmetrical pattern or alternatively a completely random wall or floor surface. The essence of a true timeless design that works well in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

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