By Victoria Smith

Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to our Terrazzo story. Fresh off the back of our recent marble launch, we have added this gorgeous new material to our range for the first time, and we think you’re going to like it.

Noted for its durability, ease of maintenance and distinctive looks, terrazzo has been popular with interior designers for some time, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally launch our version.

This special stone is super practical, but we’d be lying if we said that’s what we’re most drawn to. To us, terrazzo’s desirability is rooted in the fact that it is so aesthetically impressive. It’s delicate but bold, strong but pretty, and its confetti-like patterning is striking, different, and suits a huge variety of interior styles, from the super simple to the simply outrageous.

A Desirable Material

While it may look right at home in extravagant spaces, terrazzo has humble roots, and started life in Italy as an alternative to more expensive marble - it provided the look, at a fraction of the cost. Now a desirable material, in its own right, it’s a fantastic way of adding contemporary flair to almost any space and has quite rightly become a firm architectural favourite.

We love how the principles of terrazzo haven’t changed, and nor has its organic nature and form, with its scraps of materials still scattered totally at random. It’s a strong graphic look with a delicate palette, softened by the non-uniform shape of the chips.

Our terrazzo collection is handmade in Turkey using a mixture of ground minerals such as marble, granite and quartz. The five designs are exclusive to Bert & May, but their uniqueness goes further than that, as no two pieces are ever completely identical. Each tile is totally unique. 

These tiles can be understated when mixed with bare planed wood cabinetry and simple styling, or maximalist when combined with other patterns. They’re versatile and fun, capture a relaxed look by their very nature, and from delicate Rose to uplifting Azure, there’s a beautiful array of colours to choose from…

Rose terrazzo

With flecks of peach, blush and terracotta sharpened by pale grey and almost-iridescent white, these beautifully gentle tiles are about as pretty a take on terrazzo as you can get. Use them alone for a contemporary statement or break up the look with our marble herringbones in Rose Pink or White, glazed Blush squares, or Chocolate plains. 

Fennel terrazzo

An explosion of sage, jade, and grey marble scraps with occasional flashes of black adding a touch of drama, the effect on these tiles is almost confetti-like, and just as fun. The mix of green is so easy to live with and looks great paired with our Skinny Portland Stone Metro tiles for a softer palette. Alternatively, be brave and pair with Garnet or Chocolate.

This terrazzo is also a natural partner to our Livid and White marble tiles.

Coarse terrazzo

Coarse terrazzo has a natural organic look to it, with its large irregular chunks making an understated and effortless statement. These knockout tiles feature a serene cream background punctuated with bold and beautiful pieces of pink, green, black, and gold. Pair with a black tile to create a dramatic scheme or compliment with our earthy tones – try Marigold, Mandarin or Terracotta.

Azure terrazzo

Bright and beautiful pops of blue lift the creamy background of these tiles to heady heights, creating a contemporary take on classic terrazzo and evoking thoughts of Mediterranean skies. Go all-out and use them throughout a room, team them with complementary plains in Azure, or use with our White Marble to create a soft-yet-luxurious statement.

Ebony terrazzo

Monochrome gets an upgrade here, with black and white giving way to the occasional flash of deep orange. The result? A tile that’s beautifully simple but still exciting. Soften the look by picking out that lovely orange tone and pairing it with Terracotta or our new Marigold Mazes, or keep it striking and simple with Ebony Black.

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If you’d like to know more about our new terrazzo tiles, or explore ways they can work in your home, please contact our design team. 

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