New launch: Introducing our latest colour, Sweet Yellow

New launch: Introducing our latest colour, Sweet Yellow

By Victoria Smith

Apr 9, 2021

If you’ve been checking in with our blog regularly, you’ll have noticed a few new additions to our collections recently. Our Diamond tiles were a big one a few weeks ago, followed by a colour launch - Marigold - shortly after.  As we all know, good things come in threes, so in keeping with that thought we’re excited to tell you about a third launch - our new colour, Sweet Yellow. 

Rarely do we add to our existing palette of signature shades, so to do so twice within a matter of weeks is big news for us. In our Sweet Yellow tile collection, we have a gorgeous new colour that’s as uplifting and charming as its name suggests. It’s a washed out, chalky yellow that we like to think of as a warmed up old-school magnolia.


That retro feel is deliberate, and down to the fact that this gentle, elegant colour was created in tandem with our mid-century-inspired Diamonds. As a result, Sweet Yellow is a natural choice for mid-century-inspired interiors, but it works well in so many different schemes and spaces - go all-out on a wall or floor or add just a touch with a sunny stripe or border.

It’s an easy colour that sits harmoniously with its sister shade, Marigold, but also works beautifully with black, which really makes it pop. Alternatively, try one of our curated colour pairings:

Add terracottas and warm teak wood.

Sweet Yellow is from our earthy ochre family and sits really well with wood tones. Adding milky neutrals will add a vintage vibe to this super liveable look. Explore our beautiful collection of neutral tiles today.

Berry reds, crimsons, or navy blues

Be brave, and go for a real celebration of colour with warm earthy reds - our Crimson and Garnet tones work particularly well. Alternatively, go for a classic take on complementary colours with strong and inky Navy.

Mellow yellow - explore other colours from the palette

Sweet Yellow is part of our yellow palette and sits at the softer end of the spectrum. Explore more here.

New Arrivals;

Sanabria and Alalpardo in Sweet Yellow

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