10 Sophisticated Wet Room Tiles Ideas

10 Sophisticated Wet Room Tiles Ideas

By Megan Scott

Apr 11, 2023

10 Sophisticated Wet Room Tiles Ideas

Stylishly contemporary, creating an open-plan wet room  will give your bathroom a modern makeover. With European influences, a wet room can be both visually appealing and practical for those with mobility issues. With our tiles, transform even a small bathroom into a lovely, functional space that emulates the feeling of a spa every time you use it.

The Best Tile Materials to Use in a Wet Room

There are many choices when it comes to the type of tiles you can use in a wet room. Let's explore the different tiling options, their benefits, and how we would recommend implementing them in your home design.

1. Exquisitely Pigmented Porcelain Tiles

One of the finest materials for a wet room is high-quality porcelain. Made by firing clay to an extremely high temperature, porcelain tiles are ideal for use in spaces that experience drastic temperature changes such as the bathroom and can withstand humidity and moisture. Above all, our porcelain collection is full of gorgeous plain tiles and patterned designs, like the blue Bolonia porcelain tile. This delicate tile is a Bert & May exclusive that evokes serenity with its blue palette and floral motif.

2. Honed Marble Tiles

For a bathroom or wet room, marble tiles is a classic choice for an elegant and sleek design. This natural stone is durable and perfect for a pared-back approach. Let the natural variegation speak for itself as each piece has unique veining, which brings in a multitude of shades and adds depth to the tiles.

Large honed marble tiles are excellent for a minimalist look. Available in white with soft grey and black stippling, it provides a bright and effective neutral base to complete a monochrome style or complement brighter shades such as the charming fennel green marble herringbone tiles

Hand-Poured Cement Tiles

Once sealed, cement is a superb choice for wet rooms as it can handle heat and moisture, and is easy to take care of. Hand-poured in Spain, our cement tiles have a raw finish that gives the natural pigment unmatched depth and character. For a gentle neutral, the milk yellow square tile is warm, comforting, and endlessly versatile. The subtle yellow undertones will help brighten the space and make your wet room somewhere you can go to feel energised and refreshed. Pair it with playful tones, like sunny yellow tiles or get inspired by our pink bathrooms

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Escapism With Terracotta Tiles

Warm, rustic, and inviting, terracotta tiles are one of our favourite ways to transform a space and evoke sunnier climes. Naturally durable and able to be sealed to make them water resistant, terracotta is an excellent choice for a wet room with a twist. Bring the Mediterranean to your home with the classic red and orange hues that will make your wet room feel cosy and relaxing. Try the dark hexagonal terracotta tiles on the floors or walls to really appreciate the natural clay's colour palette spectrum from rusty red, ember orange, and ochre yellow.

Tiles for Modern Wet Rooms

For those who prefer an understated approach, there are many options for a sleek, minimalist finish to your wet room. Give your home a timeless touch with neutral tones, elegant tile shapes, and simple laying patterns.

5. Sophisticated and Contemporary Hexagonal Tiles

Enter the 21st century and embrace the playful elegance of hexagonal tiles. Extremely popular, and for good reason, these honeycomb tiles are a timeless twist on traditional square tiles, allowing you freedom and creativity with your laying patterns. 

Go striking with black tiles or our Old Iron hexagonal tiles that are a rich, stormy grey that brings just a touch of softness while retaining the moody, snug atmosphere. Or bejewel your wet room with one of Bert & May's exclusive shades; our jade green hexagonal tile is reminiscent of cool, turquoise waves and fresh coastal air. A stunning way to turn a wet room into an oasis. 

6. Create a Modern Classic With Metro Tiles

Skinny metro tiles can be a fantastic way to tile wet room floors, walls, sink areas, and shower alcoves. Their smaller size makes them malleable and can be suited for large-scale use or as a feature wall.

Our metro glazed tiles are uniquely pigmented and textured from the process of making them by hand. They have a beautiful finish when laid, giving you a truly bespoke experience. However, they cannot be used for floors as they are too slippery when wet. These make for gorgeous statement walls and alcoves, especially when using something like the thick bejmat tiles. Made using traditional North African methods, the midnight blue tiles have a distinct, inky pigment that is alluring and calming. 

7. Striking Black and White Tiles

When it comes to timeless designs, pairing simple black and white tiles is always effective. Pair classic square tiles to create a vintage chequerboard look that works beautifully on floors and walls as it gives a sense of movement and flow through a  space. The ever-popular Black Alalpardo tile is split diagonally to create diamonds, commanding stripes, and abstract patterns when laid to mismatch. 

Bold and Patterned Wet Room Tiles

A wet room can be the perfect place for a splash of personality, especially as you are tiling the walls and floor. We adore bold, rich pigments, traditional patterns, and unique approaches, so here are some of our top recommendations for this space:

8. Playful Geometric Patterned Tiles

With sharp lines, bold shapes, and remarkable patterns, geometric tiles can turn your wet room into a modern work of art. Take inspiration from the 20th Century with our Modernist Collection, full of minimal, sleek lines that you can combine for a bespoke pattern, creating a maze across your walls and floors.

For something brighter, the Madajas tiles combine colours on each tile for an impressive finish when laid together. The Soho House Berlin tile is a pastel version with five gorgeous shades that exudes fun and artistic expression. Or make a splash with spectacular stripes in a range of colours, from velvety blues to abstract, multicoloured displays.

9. Ornate Reclaimed Tiles

Sourced with love from across Southern Europe and Morroco, our reclaimed tiles are a true joy to have in your home. With porcelain, terracotta, and cement reclaimed tiles available, there is a wonderful range of textures, colours, and patterns to choose from for a wet room. If you struggle to choose one of these vintage pieces, then the reclaimed patchwork tiles gives you a unique collection of patterned tiles that blend seamlessly together for a fun and creative way to tile your wet room. 

10. Add Whimsy With Star Tiles

Finally, our delightful star tiles are a becoming addition to any space but lend themselves well to a fully tiled wet room. Balancing modern and traditional tile designs, the celestial pattern brings a lively and timeless appeal. The Luna collection is decorated with a small star design on a richly pigmented porcelain tile that is perfect for pairing with plain tiles to create a unique constellation. Try the Cherry Luna tile to introduce a refreshing, pastel pink or one of the Luna Inverse colourways such as Jade or Sapphire with their delicate blue tiles adorned with blue stars.

These are our top 10 ways to tile a wet room using our exclusive range of handmade tiles and colour palettes. Whether you are drawn in by soothing neutrals, traditional terracotta, or bright patterns, there is plenty of choice and freedom to be creative with your home design. Explore the bathroom gallery to see more of our favourite projects, or get in touch with one of our experts for a bespoke design consultation

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