Cement Fireplace Tiles

Cement Fireplace Tiles

Our fireplace tiles have been expertly handcrafted to be the perfect focal point for a fireplace. We offer tiles for fireplaces in deep tones, beautifully glazed, and intricate designs. The fireplace is somewhere you can really let your creativity run away with itself. Shop our specialist fireplace tiles today.

Which tiles are suitable for fireplaces?

All of our encausticterrazzomarble and glazed tiles are suitable. Please note - some of our raw terracotta tiles might not be as practical for fireplaces.

Popular fireplace colours and styles

Our patterned encaustic tiles are a very popular choice for fireplaces and surrounds. Bold designs such as ourPradena or Split Shift make a striking, modern statement, and work really well with wood burners. Alternatively, go for a pattern from our Antique Collection for a traditional look in period properties.  

Glazed tiles are another classic choice, especially our deeper shades such as Purple BrownLivid, and Verdant, or go for something a little different with honed marble in LilacFennel or Black

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