How to Choose Floor Tiles
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How to Choose Floor Tiles

By Victoria Smith

Apr 6, 2022

Tiled floors are incredibly practical and look fantastic, but it’s important to select the right tile for your space. Before you make any big decisions, consult our floor tile guide…

Why Choose a Floor Tile?

Sounds obvious, but it’s crucial to be sure that tiles are definitely what you want for your space. Here’s why we think they’re a great choice for floors…

They’re durable

Tiles are commonly used for floors throughout homes, as well as commercial spaces, as they’re stronger than carpet and easier to maintain, so if you’re looking for something with staying power, they’re ideal.

They’re versatile

Due to the many colour, pattern, and shape options, you're sure to find a tile that matches your home’s interior aesthetic.

There’s a style for everyone

From traditional monochrome chequerboard to modern geometric patterns, you can create floors that will suit your style down to the ground.

They’re water resistant

If you need flooring for a bathroom, wet room, kitchen or outdoor area, tiles are a great bet. Follow our installation guides to ensure your tiled floor is resistant to water.

They’re fuss free

Looking for something low maintenance? Tiled floors are really easy to clean and care for. Job done. 

They’re comfortable!

Floor tiles feel fantastic underfoot, especially if you’ve installed underfloor heating too.



Ensure your floor is fit for purpose by selecting a material that meets your needs...


Cement tiles are super strong and easy to clean. They are perfect for living areas in your home, as well as hallways and wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. (Suitable for use with underfloor heating.)


Porcelain floor tiles are another good bet for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways, as they’re super strong and water resistant. (Suitable for use with underfloor heating.)


Marble floor tiles can add a luxurious finish to any room in your home. This gorgeous natural stone has the added bonus of being super hard wearing too. It’s a natural choice for bathrooms. (Suitable for use with underfloor heating.) 


Contemporary spaces love terrazzo, which as well as being really robust is available in a range of attention-grabbing styles that really make a statement. (Suitable for use with underfloor heating.) 


Terracotta is incredibly durable, making it a sound investment and sensible choice for high-traffic areas both in and outside the home. It provides a raw edge that’s perfect for creating a rustic finish. (Suitable for use with underfloor heating.)



With so much choice available, it’s wise to have a proper think about whether you’d prefer plain or patterned tiles for your project


Plain tiles are a stunning choice for floors. Using one colour results in a blanket look with beautiful depth, while two (or more!) contrasting colours can be used to create a chequerboard. Our plain cement tiles are available in each colour from our curated palette, while our plain porcelain tiles are made in a handpicked selection of core colours.


You can create breathtaking spaces with our patterned cement tiles. The following collections all work particularly well on floors:


If you want a focal-point floor, our geometric tiles should be your first port of call. Choose from a wide range of patterns to create looks that range from Bauhaus-inspired and mid-century modern to timeless and classic.


Striped patterns can be used to elongate a room, so they’re ideal for creating the illusion of space in small areas. (Some of our striped designs are also available in porcelain).

Particularly suited to period properties, our Traditional tiles take their design cues from the past, showcasing intricate patterns that have stood the test of time.


Our celestial designs suit all floor spaces but work particularly well in hallways and bathrooms. Choose from Luna or Pradena in a wide range of colours from our palette, and team with a matching plain for a bespoke constellation effect. (Some of our star designs are also available in porcelain).

If you’re still unsure, contact our design team who can create visuals of different styles in your space to help you make a decision.



It’s not all about squares (although we do really love them) - we have a range of alternative shapes that also look fantastic on floors…


A classic for a reason, squares speak for themselves wherever you use them 


From classic side-by-side to gorgeous herringbone, these tiles offer plenty of scope for creativity when it comes to arrangement.


Sophisticated and timeless, six-sided tiles add real interest to floor spaces.


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*Please note that we do not recommend using any of our glazed tiles on floors*

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