Modern Scandi Kitchen Inspiration

Modern Scandi Kitchen Inspiration

By Zoe Crook

Aug 23, 2022

The Scandi kitchen is defined by simplicity, minimalism, and a neutral colour palette. Natural materials such as wood and stone in white and soft earth tones are all defining elements of Scandinavian design. From our fresh white tiles to calming neutral tiles collections, we can help you design your ideal Scandi-inspired natural kitchen.



Nordic Interior Design

Nordic interior design is broadly characterised by the use of natural materials and neutral colours. In some cases, where the style has its own distinctive signature, colour schemes can range from muted to bright, but shades of white and neutral tones from our colour palette with natural wood surfaces dominate in a Bert & May-style Scandi kitchen.

A Nordic kitchen depicts an image of peacefulness and will become the focal point in your home. The secret to achieving this look is deciding upon a signature kitchen tile and designing the rest of your space around it.


Scandinavian Tones from the Bert & May Colour Palette

Feel inspired by our White and Neutral tile gallery and enrich your Bert & May Scandinavian kitchen with our delicate palette. A light colour scheme allows more light to enter and reflect off your walls, creating the perception of a larger kitchen space. Try our White Marble Herringbone tilesPortland Stone Cement tiles or Pearl Pale Glazed Metro tiles to achieve the Scandi style you're after. If you're unsure which tile or colour will work best in your space, book a Design Consultation and speak to one of our colour experts.


Bert & May Tiles for a Scandi Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens have clean lines and a minimalistic design. The use of natural tile materials like stone and marble can be used along with glazed finishes. Pair these tiles with ceramics, concrete, glass, and wood surfaces and all your materials will come together to produce a holistic Nordic design.

Marble and Stone Tiles

Our Marble and Stone tile collection combines hard textures with soft tones creating an intriguing juxtaposition in a space. Nordic kitchens are built on the idea of beautiful living. By incorporating natural materials and plenty of light, you can create a contemporary feel without losing the cosy warmth – an essential element of any Scandi kitchen.


Glazed Tiles

Our glazed tiles are a popular choice for kitchens, especially in Nordic-inspired spaces.The most common reason people choose glazed tiles is that they provide lots of variety and colour options for walls, floors, and splashbacks. Consider the Classic Brighton Stone Stubby Glazed Tile or Skinny Portland Stone Metro tile to add shine and texture to your Scandinavian kitchen.


Plain Tiles

Our plain tiles are a great choice for a Nordic kitchen design as they can be easily combined with other patterns or colours. Choose from our neutral and white colour palette. You can add tints of other colours such as greens and blues - just ensure they are all coordinated and don’t dominate the minimalist look.


Patterned Tiles

Scandinavian kitchens are popular because they look simple and clean. Pattern can be used to add depth and neat lines but use it sparingly to avoid cluttering a space. Try our Pearl and Brighton Stone Hexagonal Split tiles or Darkroom Black Split Shift interspersed with plain Brighton Stone Square tiles for pared-back patterns that won’t overwhelm. Explore our full collection of patterned tiles. 

If you would like to discuss designing a Scandinavian kitchen, speak to one of our specialists who can guide you through all the design elements. From shape to pattern to colour, our experts will help you create a space that you love.


For more home inspiration visit our Kitchen Gallery and feel inspired by our expertly designed spaces.

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