No.1 Duke Street

Engineered boards have been used throughout the bar and restaurant No1 Duke St, part of the Darwin & Wallace group. This beautifully light and bright wood has a subtle weathered look. To get this look our Vicarage board has a similar feel.

The Vicarage Board is made with reactive stains and hand applied patinas, these meticulous hand-ageing techniques create a floorboards with the same characteristics of Cumbrian slate. No two areas are the same; no two of our hand-aged boards are the same. The overall appearance of the floor will have weathered texture with grey and silver colourations breaking the surface of the timber 


Recommended Products

Engineered Schoolhouse Board
£147 per sqm

Truly a favourite, the Schoolhouse board has been weathered with the same characteristics of the sun burnt oak of south facing European barns. The attrition of the snow, wind, sun and sun creates a beautiful silver grey patina with burnt tannin knots.

Engineered Vicarage Board
£137 per sqm

The Vicarage Board has been beautifully weathered with the same characteristics of the Cumbrian slate screes. Burnt slate is complemented with a grey weathered hues throughout. This floor is wonderfully bold and would look amazing in any given space.

Black Alalpardo Tile
£99 per sqm

In elegant monochrome, the Alalpardo tile may appear simple but it is anything but. Endless tessellations allow you to create a truly unique space. Create a classic black and white checkered floor or experiment with contemporary asymmetric patterns.

Engineered Library Board
£129 per sqm

The Engineered Library Board is heavily structured echoing the undulating textures of a sea beaten quay. The appearance is rustic and rugged but the board is smooth and soft to the touch.

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